Running Effective Meetings at Your New Mexico Small Business

Running Effective Meetings at Your New Mexico Small Business

How many times have you sat through meetings counting the number of ceiling tiles or mentally generating 97 different excuses you could give to leave early? Do the meetings at your New Mexico small business feel the same way? They don’t have to. Meetings can (and should) be useful. And the business coaches at Action Coach can show you how to run more effective meetings.

What is an Effective Meeting?

Too many meetings cost valuable hours of the work day because they have no direction. Effective meetings have a clear purpose. Know what you need to discuss. Know what you want to accomplish.

The intentions of your meeting shouldn’t be a surprise to meeting attendees. New and old business items should be published on a public agenda at least 1 day before the meeting. Giving your attendees opportunity to prepare will minimize delays in action that may cause the meeting to be rescheduled.

Effective meetings get down to business. Stick to the published agenda—assign someone to keep your group on track.  Using Robert’s Rules to govern your meetings will help to keep your group on task and recognize important transitions and decision-making opportunities during the meeting.

Contact Action Coach for help developing focused agendas and strategies for getting and keeping the attention of your meeting attendees. If you feel that a lack of confidence in your leadership abilities is what is really keeping your meetings from being effective, ask us about our leadership development program.

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