Professional Development Coaching Services Albuquerque

At Action Coach, we understand the challenges faced when wanting to advance within your chosen profession because of our background in professional development coaching services in Albuquerque. As business owners, complacency can quickly set in when our businesses run smoothly.

Whether you’re looking to gain the skills to advance in your current profession or want to take your business to the next level, trust that our professional development coaching services will get you there.

What is professional development?

Professional development helps you gain new skills, training, and expertise to advance in your current role and organization. This type of development works well for every role and position within companies. It’s about exploring new opportunities while ensuring your current skills are updated and advancing.

How Our Professional Development Coaches Help

Our professional development coaches define your role, establish your objectives, and find ways to help you achieve those objectives. For example, your professional development may benefit from taking certification courses or training to advance your skills. You may benefit from growing your networking base to see what your peers are doing.

Action Coach’s Workshops

Part of our coaching services in Albuquerque includes our workshops. These workshops are designed for differing company roles and skill sets. Workshops such as our sales training help your team gain winning strategies for closing sales.

Our Albuquerque leadership training workshops help you identify leadership styles and which ones are right for your organization. You’ll also learn from successful leaders sharing their challenges and how those challenges were overcome.

Action Coach’s Group Coaching

Our group coaching sessions are the perfect way to network and learn from other business owners. You’ll be placed in a group of 10 New Mexican business owners, managers, and team leads that meet every 2 weeks.

You’ll be able to ask questions, offer advice, and help each other find solutions for yourself and your business. Networking is an essential part of professional development coaching, and that’s why we developed this program.

Action Coach’s 1-2-1 Personal Business Coaching

When you need to find a business coach in Albuquerque, look no further than Action Coach. Since 2007, our business coaches have helped large and small business owners and leaders capitalize on their strengths, temper their weaknesses, and find growth opportunities.

Here are some of the focuses our 1-2-1 services provide:

  • Professional development coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Strategic business planning
  • Life coaching

With 1-2-1 coaching, the sky is the limit regarding what you want to achieve. No matter what you need help with or the goals you set for yourself, we’ll help you get honest, stay on track, and hold you accountable.

What’s the difference between professional development and career development?

While many use these terms interchangeably, it’s vital to understand how these concepts differ.

Professional development is more focused on how you can improve and advance within your current job role. It’s about acquiring the skills and expertise to help you remain a top performer.

Career development takes a more global view of what you want to achieve. It explores your passions and the roles and types of jobs that align with those goals and desires. Our career coaching services help you identify your future career options and what you must do to land into those professions and disciplines.


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Since 2007, Action Coach’s founders, Mark and Nicole Tobiassen, have helped hundreds of New Mexico’s leaders and workforce to achieve their goals and realize their companies’ full potential. Our coaches have been C-level executives, small business owners, and everything in between. They can help you navigate through your personal and professional challenges.

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