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Mark and Nicole Tobiassen bring a combined 30 years of Motivational Speaking experience.

Companies throughout the region now benefit from hiring a motivational speaker.

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker to fire up your team or you need to focus on a specific area of your Albuquerque business, Mark and Nicole Tobiassen have a Motivational Speaking presentation for you.

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Our Engaging Motivational Speaker Workshops in Albuquerque

Teamwork: This Motivational Speaking workshop focuses on the most prevalent team challenges such as communication, culture, leadership, and the different behavioral styles.  In this Motivational Speaking workshop, we’ll interact with your team and use physical exercises that will demonstrate the team concept in real life. We’ll teach principles that will leave your team feeling empowered to achieve a higher level of synergy.

Sales Training: This Motivational Speaking Workshop focuses on the psychology of sales, how to create a winning sales culture, and how to create and follow an organized sales process. In this workshop, you will roleplay how to use a formal sales process and how to handle objections.

Leadership Training: This Motivational Speaking workshop will focus on one of the toughest challenges of leadership – seeing ourselves the way others see us. Mark and Nicole Tobiassen are certified under Marshall Goldsmith to use his Leadership Training techniques from his best-selling books What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers. We will also cover the 6 keys to a winning team.

Customer Service Training: This Motivational Speaking workshop is focused on creating a culture of customer service excellence. You will learn how to use the “Cycle of Service” to break down your customer service into the “Moments of Truth” when it matters the most to WOW your customers. We’ll help you develop standards for those most important times.

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Our team at ActionCOACH offers motivational speaking workshops designed to help you harness the unrealized potential within your organization. Other Motivational Speaking workshops in Albuquerque are available on request.

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