Sales Training in Albuquerque

Sales Training for Your New Mexico Business

Not everyone is built for sales, but, really, few people are “born salesmen.” Before you think about replacing your entire sales team, (re)train them to boost their performance. If your company’s sales training program needs some updating or it just plain don’t exist yet, Action Coach can train your staff to enhance their sales skills and increase your bottom line.

On-Site Sales Training Program

If you have a new sales team—either because you have a new company or your established New Mexico business is growing quickly—Action Coach can provide on-site training to build your team’s sales skills. Our 2-hour sales training program has been proven effective over two decades and thirty-nine countries. In a matter of hours we can equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to close the sales that keep your business thriving.

Sales Training Workshops

If your sales team just needs a skills refresher or your existing sales training program needs updates, it’s more cost effective to train a trainer. Action Coach‘s semi-annual sales training workshops are the perfect opportunity for you or your sales team lead to learn new sales skills and how to coach your sales team to higher performance.

If you are already a 1-2-1 coaching, group coaching or web coaching client, workshops are complimentary. If you are not a Action Coach client, you are welcome to participate. Contact us for rates and registration.

Our Sales Training Program

Whatever format works best for your business, the core of our sales training is the same: sales begins with attitude! During our on-site and workshop training sessions, we also emphasize the “Sales Funnel”—using open-ended questions to identify your customers’ needs and emotions so that the sales approach matches, increasing the likelihood of closing the sale.

You can’t overestimate the value of a high-performing sales team. Invest in your business’s success by building your team’s sales skills. Contact Action Coach for sales training that has been proven effective in New Mexico and around the globe.

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