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Phone Sales Training for Your New Mexico Business

Good salespeople will tell you that making sales is all about reading customers. You have to find out what’s important to them and then appeal to their needs—show them how your products and services give them what they want.

But reading customers is much more difficult over the phone when you don’t have physical signs like body language and eye contact to help you understand your customer’s reactions. To be an effective salesperson over the phone, a new set of skills is required. Action Coach can help your team develop those skills with our phone sales training.

Using Language

When a salesperson meets a potential customer, they can gather all kinds of nonverbal clues about what’s important to the customer. If the meeting is in the customer’s office, you can see pictures on the walls, collectibles on the desk, listen to small talk between the customer and one of their coworkers. On the phone, none of that information is available. So you have to rely on conversation to understand your customer quickly.

A string of yes/no or short-answer questions doesn’t make for good conversation. But natural conversation about the weather won’t necessarily get you closer to making the sale, either. During our phone sales training, we teach your team how to use open-ended questions to engage your customers in natural conversation in which they talk about their business and what’s important to them. We also emphasize the importance of listening to prevent your team from making assumptions that can blow the sale.

Language Use

Even without the nonverbal clues like body language and eye contact, your customers will tell you exactly what you need to know to effectively appeal to them. Neurolinguistic programming is the science of understanding the connection between language use and emotion. During our phone sales training, yourAction Coach coach will teach your sales team how to pick up on language cues and match their sales approaches to your customers’ emotions.

Sales are primarily emotional decisions. Help your sales team understand how to match their phone sales approach to your customers’ emotions. Contact Action Coach for phone sales training that has been proven effective in New Mexico and around the globe.

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