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As a business owner or executive, you may already be familiar with the “law of the lid” – the success of the business is determined by the level of leadership. You don’t want to be the company’s weak link. Improve your leadership through training and development with an ActionCOACH coach in Albuquerque.

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Different Leadership Styles

Effective leaders come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, personalities, etc. There is no list of qualities or a single approach to leadership that fits all situations and teams. Fittingly, there isn’t one way to classify leadership styles. In fact, there are several different leadership theories that label each kind of leader differently. So, the way you lead your team could demonstrate any combination of these leadership styles:

Autocratic Laissez-faire Task-oriented
Bureaucratic People/relations-oriented Transactional
Charismatic Servant Transformational

To coach you to be a more effective leader, we help you identify your leadership style(s) and tailor your leadership training to build on the strengths you already have and then begin to turn your weaknesses into leadership assets.

Developing Your Leadership Skills

One of the biggest challenges to small business leadership development is that small business owners don’t often see themselves as leaders. Sometimes you might have to count yourself as one of the “widget makers,” but that isn’t your primary role. You are a leader. Your business is counting on you to define its future and navigate the path to sustainable success. Your business coach will help you re-see yourself as a leader and build the confidence you need to execute your small business development plan.

After we have helped you think and feel like the leader you are,  your ActionCOACH coach will help you develop other leadership skills suited to your leadership style(s). This includes effective communication strategies to match your employees’ styles, task delegation, and much more.

Learning from Other Leaders

Trial and error are inevitable parts of learning to be a better leader. But if trial and error is your only leadership training tool, you and your staff will often be frustrated. The development of your leadership capabilities doesn’t have to be so painful. Through leadership training in Albuquerque with ActionCOACH, you can learn from the experiences of other renowned leaders and become aware of common business mistakes to avoid.

Our leadership training and development program involves reading (books and executive summaries) and case studies of many well-respected leaders like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Jim Collins, John Maxwell, and others. We discuss these pieces to understand what leadership lessons we can glean from them and how to apply those lessons to your business situation.

Multiple Formats for Tailored Leadership Training in Albuquerque

Development of your leadership skills may be a process you prefer to keep between you and your personal business coach or something you feel would be accomplished in the company of others. To meet your needs and preferences, ActionCOACH offers both one-on-one and group leadership training formats.

How will you know that leadership training and development in Albuquerque is really working? Your success as a leader is measured by the satisfaction of your employees. When you see and hear your employee satisfaction is improving and your turnover rate is decreasing, you’ll know your leadership is improving. And you’ll see—we guarantee it!

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