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What is the value of time management?

The one non-renewable resource all business owners face is time. You can always make more money, hire more people, obtain new equipment, etc., but once time is gone, it’s gone.

Time management is one of the most important skills for which coaching is beneficial. You can acquire all the right knowledge, have the best ideas, but if you don’t execute on those ideas, it’ll likely be a result of poor time management.

Time management is really a misnomer. Can we really manage time? No, not really. Time is a constant. However, we can manage ourselves. Our time management coaching starts with running a weekly time log to record where you are spending your time. After a week or two of logging where you spend your time, patterns will emerge. You will discover that you spend your time in one of 4 areas:

  1. Not Urgent-Not Important: Distractions
  2. Urgent-Not Important: Delusions
  3. Urgent-Important: Demands
  4. Not Urgent-Important: The Zone.

The Zone is when we are working on our business or on ourselves. Most entrepreneurs and executives are only getting to the Zone maybe 3% of their time. Our goal is to get you to 20% of your time working in the zone. This, by the way, would be approximately one day per week!

Keys to Effective Time Management

A lot of issues arise each working day.  Not all of them need to be dealt with immediately. The first step towards time management is understanding time quadrants. You want to focus the majority of your time and attention in The Zone to reduce stressful demands and keep distractions and delusions from infringing on your free time.

The next step towards effective time management is practicing these 3 keys components:

  1. Priorities—knowing what needs to be on top of your “to do” list
  2. Discipline—sticking to your priorities and preventing or avoiding distractions
  3. Focus—effectively and efficiently working towards crossing priority items off your list

Your personal Action Coach coach will help you define your priorities by defining your goals. You will also learn strategies like developing a default calendar to help you minimize distractions and effectively work through your daily tasks.

Time Management for Professional and Personal Success

New Mexico small business owners often feel buried and overwhelmed. You’re plugging away alongside your employees just to get the daily work done. You can never seem to get through your day’s to-do list, so there never seems to be time to plan for farther down the road let alone enjoy a free minute. The goal of time management isn’t just to squeeze more work into your day. The goal is to better prioritize and manage your workload so that you are free to enjoy personal time! Action Coach coaches don’t underestimate the value of free time to your personal well-being or your working productivity. That’s why we help you work personal time goals into your time management plan.

Contact Action Coach today. Let a business coach show you how to dig your way out from under your workload with only 24 hours in a day.

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