Group Coaching for your Santa Fe Business

Group Coaching for your Santa Fe Business

In 2005, two economic researchers reported that “teams clearly outperform individuals in economic decision-making.”* But as a small business owner, you may not have a team to consult and collaborate with to make strategic planning decisions for your company. If you don’t have your own small business development team, you can become part of one. Action Coach group coaching puts you on a team with an experienced business coach and local Santa Fe business leaders.

*Kocher, Martin and Matthias Sutter. “The Decision Maker Matters: Individual Versus Group Behaviour in Experimental Beauty-Contest Games.” Economic Journal (Jan. 2005).

What Happens in Group Coaching?

In group coaching sessions, you will meet regularly every 2 weeks with other local business owners and leaders. Groups are typically limited to 10 people. During your sessions, you will have a chance to raise issues and questions that arise from your business and present them to the group. Your group will discuss these issues and other topics presented by your Action Coach coach. The discussions and exercises you do serve as a business (re)education. You learn from others’ experiences, successes and mistakes, and they learn from yours.

The small group format allows you to get to know your group members on more than just a professional level. During group coaching sessions, you or your group members may express personal issues related to your business—your feelings of being overworked or your feelings about a particular employee’s performance. What you share in group coaching sessions stays with the group.

Alternatives to Group Coaching

If you would like to focus more on your business and your strategic plan, Action Coach also offers 1-2-1 coaching/mentoring. During weekly meetings, you will meet with a personal business coach to define your business goals, develop a strategic action plan and develop other business skills.

Action Coach also provides leadership training and development, team building and other training opportunities for your sales and customer service teams.

Group coaching is your opportunity to be part of a “think tank” with other Santa Fe business leaders. You can learn from their mistakes and successes, and you can teach them through yours. Contact Action Coach to find out how you can benefit from the synergy of many minds.

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