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Don’t business coaches give you the tools to be successful in life?

While business coaches give you guidance that spills over into your personal life, there are some differences between life and business coaches. It’s sometimes hard to figure out which one you really need.

At Action Coach, we provide business and life coaching in Albuquerque. We’ll describe what each one does and how they differ. From there, you’ll hopefully be able to figure out what kind of coaching best suits your needs.

Life Coach

Life coaches work with you to help better your personal life.

What’s a life coach?

Life coaches help you set goals and create plans and paths to achieving those goals.

Life coaches come armed with personal life experiences and techniques to guide you through challenges in your life. In addition to helping you learn from your mistakes, they can also help you avoid making them again. Life coaches help you identify the ruts in your life and get you back on track.

What does a life coach do?

Life coaches help you identify your goals and how to get there. To do this, they’ll prompt you to establish your personal life points:

  • Values
  • Goals
  • Obstacles
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

Knowing these, a life coach can help you work on weaknesses and see where your strengths can be utilized to achieve your goals and enhance your values.

Life coaches help you stay motivated and focused. They’ll also help you overcome obstacles while showing you how to deal with them.

What are the differences between a life coach and a therapist?

Counselors and therapists are medically trained and licensed professionals that help people experiencing emotional and mental turmoil. People with anxiety or depression are best supported by therapists and counselors.

Life coaches are trained in coaching and focus on more specific areas of your life, such as finding your passions.

Business Coach

Business coaches act like professional confidants. They function as business life guides.

What’s a business coach?

Business coaches help you reach your business goals while strengthening your marketing, sales, and client relations. They’ll show you how to use advanced technologies to help you reach your goals.

A good business coach helps you create a plan that achieves your business goals and holds you accountable for that process.

What are the different types of business coaches?

Different business coaches focus on different paths to success.

Business Coaches: Business professionals that help you set goals, plans, and identify areas for improvement within your business. They hold you accountable to help you achieve your business goals.

Career Coaches: Business professionals that help people find new jobs or advance in their current positions.

Mentors: Business professionals with expertise in a specific industry or position. They share their business experience and knowledge.

What do business coaches do?

Business coaches help you set business goals with plans and strategies to help you achieve those goals. They hold you accountable for putting in the work.

They also help you through challenges and identify business opportunities. They’ll give you tools and resources to help your business grow and become efficient.

Differences Between Life and Business Coaches

Life and business coaches are different despite seeming to do the same things.

Life coaches help you identify and achieve your personal life goals. They help you balance your life, figure out what’s holding you back, and help you set goals to help you move forward. Life coaches are not trained to help you with your business.

Business coaches are trained explicitly for businesses. They have knowledge and experience in how different businesses operate and what makes companies successful.

How do I decide on what kind of coach I need?

It comes down to what you want to work on in your life. Here are some examples that may be helpful.

When to Choose a Life Coach

  • You want to make changes in your life, but you don’t know how or if you should.
  • You want to live healthier but don’t know where to begin.
  • You’re unhappy at your current job and want to figure out your passions to pursue them.
  • You feel scared to make a life change, like moving away, and you want to figure out how to overcome that fear.

When to Choose a Business Coach

  • You’re a business owner who wants to grow your business.
  • Your career isn’t going as well as you want it to. You want to expand your skill set to be better qualified for promotions.
  • You struggle to keep appointments organized at work, causing you to miss appointments.
  • You’re a manager wanting to figure out how to motivate employees.

Need Help Choosing Between a Business and Life Coach in Albuquerque?

At Action Coach, we offer both business and life coaching in Albuquerque. We can help you decide which kind of coach you need to achieve the goals that make you successful.

Contact us today to find your business or life coach in Albuquerque.