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Business motivational speakers are a fantastic way to boost your team’s morale and prioritize goals while increasing motivation. Sometimes, your company’s message needs a new messenger with fresh insights. Experienced business motivational speakers help your employees become the best team they can be.

At Action Coach, we provide experienced and spirited business motivational speakers in Albuquerque. We also offer business coaching and workshops aimed at helping your company reach its full potential.

Here, we’ll discuss the differences between coaches and motivational speakers while giving the benefits of hiring a business motivational speaker.

Business Coach vs. Business Motivational Speaker

Many resources are available for help with personal development, including business coaches and motivational speakers. While both serve to increase self-awareness, offer guidance, and help motivate, there are fundamental differences in how they operate.

Time Spent Offering Services

The most significant difference between business coaches and motivational speakers is how much time they spend with clients.

Motivational speakers are usually only used for a single session. They typically talk for 1 or more hours, but once their engagement ends, that’s also the end of your access to them.

Business coaches conduct multiple sessions and work with you for weeks, months, or even years to help guide you through your business development. They’re more accessible, meaning they’ll be available to offer advice or answer questions beyond the first session.

Number of People Affected

Motivational speakers communicate to an audience. Whether large or small, these professionals are versed in public speaking and work perfectly to help multiple people align through the same messaging.

Business coaches often work with individuals as opposed to working with groups. Though, it’s not uncommon to see business coaches hold group sessions with business owners with similar interests. Despite this, coaches mainly focus on helping individuals with their personal or business goals.

Type of Commitment 

Motivational speakers commit to trying to motivate, inspire, offer insights, and deliver your company’s message. While your team may respond positively to this experience, it’s up to you and them to implement the changes necessary for success.

Business coaches do many of these same things but are more involved in helping individuals follow through and become accountable for their goal attainments and growth.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Motivational Speaker

Business motivational speakers motivate, inspire, and affect your team while they’re together, all at the same time. This ensures that everyone hears and experiences the same information given simultaneously.

It’s an excellent way to ensure everyone receives the same messages and guidance in a positive, energizing way. Motivational speakers are trained in the art of public speaking, which helps them communicate effectively and clearly.

Many business motivational speakers employ attention-grabbing techniques that keep the audience engaged. Here are some of the kinds of supporting materials used in their presentations:

  • Personal stories
  • Different types of visuals
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on exercises

Motivational speakers keep audiences engaged by integrating multiple techniques and supporting materials while supporting different learning styles.

Lastly, business motivational speakers tailor their content to your business’s needs. This means that if your goal is to help your team become better at sales, the speaker creates the presentation delivering information to help your team achieve that goal.

Tips for Hiring a Business Motivational Speaker

It’s crucial to find the right speaker aligning with your goals and objectives. First, find a speaker that’s experienced in presenting to your specific audience. It’s best to find someone whose business background and experience mirrors your business or industry.

Next, check their reviews. Almost any reputable motivational speaker will have reviews you can research.

Finally, meet with potential speakers and discuss your ideas and goals. Let them know about the kind of content you’re looking for and see how they plan on supporting that content.

Looking for a business motivational speaker in Albuquerque?

At Action Coach, we provide business coaches and motivational speakers in Albuquerque. We’ve been helping large and small businesses achieve their goals since 2007.

We also offer motivational speaker workshops targeted to improve specific areas of your company’s performance.


This motivational speaker workshop aims to improve your team’s synergy by overcoming communication, culture, leadership, and behavioral challenges.


This informational, motivational speaker workshop teaches teams about the psychology of sales, how to create a winning sales culture, and how to organize sales processes.


Leaders are made, not born! This motivational speaker workshop teaches leadership skills, techniques, and principles to help leaders build winning teams.

Customer Service

This motivational speaker workshop helps teams learn about the “Cycle of Service” and breaks down the moments of customer service to help teams delight customers.

Trust Action Coach to help motivate your team and energize them with the information they need to become successful.

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