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As a leader, knowing the best strategies to improve your team’s performance is essential. An experienced business coach can guide you on how to do this.

At Action Coach, we provide coaching services in Albuquerque to help you grow as a manager. Your business benefits by improving your leadership skills to meet your company’s goals and potential.

Why Coach for Performance?

Coaching for performance enables you to measure and refine your employees’ contributions. It shows you ways to reward desirable behavior while giving you strategies to help employees get back on track.

It also helps you find ways to keep your employees accountable. By giving them challenges to help them grow, while also finding ways to help them improve on their weaknesses, performance coaching helps them become better workers for you and your clients.

Most importantly, it helps you clearly communicate expectations and the proficiencies required to meet those expectations.

Benefits of Performance Coaching

Studies have shown that 70% of employees that received proper coaching improved their job performance. Here are five benefits you can expect from performance coaching.

1. Bettering Self-Awareness

Self-awareness encompasses the ability to understand your strengths and weaknesses. It also involves seeing how others’ perceptions differ from how you perceive yourself.

Self-awareness drives performance and success. Feedback is the primary mechanism that helps people become more self-aware.

Coaching for self-awareness focuses on different areas:

  • Recognizing admirable behavior and achievements
  • Having productive conversations when employees need to make performance changes
  • Acknowledging an employee’s strengths and areas for improvement

Becoming more self-aware is not just for employees. Leaders must also be open to becoming more self-aware. Using the services of a business coach for yourself will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

2. Improving Motivation

When motivation dwindles, employees become lazy about their jobs, and their performance declines. Performance coaching rejuvenates their motivations which increases their productivity.

People feel good when they overcome challenges. It expands our skillsets and boosts our confidence.

By focusing on your employees’ strengths, you can introduce them to new skills and processes that will motivate them to perform.

For example, suppose an employee has a knack for problem-solving. In that case, you may have this person collaborate with your HR department to see how to improve training procedures or employee relations.

This not only helps improve your employee’s motivation but also helps your HR department come up with fresh ideas.

Your employees’ improved performances produce higher quality contributions to your business. This boosts their confidence and helps them feel valued.

3. Creating Resilience

Changes are inevitable. Whether it’s changes in procedures, staff, or industry standards, helping your employees adapt to these changes helps them build resiliency when achieving goals.


When leaders help their employees adapt to change, their chances of successfully implementing that change double.


Leaders should encourage employees to share ideas and inspirations. They should also be encouraged to use their critical thinking skills when encountering changes.


Leaders help employees prepare and anticipate changes and how to best deal with them.


Employees need to feel comfortable communicating their insights regarding changes. Giving them a voice improves their attitudes, motivations, and willingness to grow to achieve the company’s goals.

4. Providing Direction

Coaching performance helps employees recognize and seize opportunities that enable the business to move in the right direction.

For example, if one of the goals is to improve profits, leaders should provide a map and ideas on how to achieve that goal. From there, a leader guides the team to find solutions, assesses risks, and helps team members become accountable for the work they produce.

5. Building Morale

When employees are coached for performance, they form better relationships with their coworkers and feel more competent in their abilities to achieve goals successfully.

When employees feel capable of handling challenges, they often want to contribute more to the business. This helps your business remain competitive while allowing you to achieve your business goals.


At Action Coach, our Albuquerque-based coaching services can help you maximize your team’s performance. We’ll provide you with a personal business coach to help you both define and reach your goals.

We also offer on-site training and workshops to help your employees perform at their highest levels. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow to its full potential.