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As a business owner, you not only want to succeed, but you want your business to grow. While many assume that a well-crafted business plan is enough, many companies still need a daily action plan.

At Action Coach in Albuquerque, our comprehensive 90 day business plans enable you to reach your goals. Here are 5 tips to effectively use a 90 day business plan.

5 Tips for Using 90 Day Business Plans

1. Establish an Overall Business Plan

Most of us created a business plan as part of our financing efforts. This is a great start to establishing your overall business plan. If you haven’t made a business plan yet, let’s get started.

Unlike your detailed 90 day plan, your overall business plan will be an overview of what you want to accomplish. Think of long-term goals. How big do you want your business to be? How much money do you want to be making? What do you need to do to reach these goals?

Establishing your overall business plan provides the foundation for your 90 day business plans.

2. Make a 90 Day Business Plan Every 90 Days

A 90 day business plan keeps you focused on the present. The actions you take today may not be the ones you need to take in the next quarter. In fact, what you do today impacts what may or may not be required for the next 90 days.

A 90 day business plan pieces your long-term goals into manageable short-term steps and actions.

Once you’ve completed your first 90 days, look at what’s been accomplished and plan for your next 90 days. Repeating this process every quarter will help you steadily achieve your short- and long-term goals.

3. Avoid Overloading Your Plan

In the excitement to get things going, it’s tempting to overload your 90 days of goals and actions. If this happens, you’ll soon become overwhelmed. When most people become overwhelmed, they’ll abandon the plan altogether.

A 90 day business plan is about setting consistent, achievable, and realistic goals. You’ll run out of energy when trying to accomplish too much in a short period of time. If you run out of energy, you might fail to achieve your goals.

No one likes to fail. Failure leads to frustration and self-doubt. You’ll avoid disappointment and frustration by establishing achievable and reasonable goals.

4. Keep an Ideas Journal

Now, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a journal. It can be a whiteboard, notepad, or anything you can readily write in. The concept is to write down and record ideas you think will benefit your business. Inspiration can strike from anywhere. You might have heard something attending a webinar or read something online.

First, it’s essential to write it down before you forget it. Second, it’s important to write it down for future implementation, with an emphasis on future.

Resist the urge to implement these ideas in your current 90 day business plan because you may overload yourself. Plus, your 90 day plan is about sticking to the plan to achieve the current quarter’s goals.

When it’s time to create the next 90 day plan, see where your new ideas comfortably fit. Maybe these new ideas are better suited for a different quarter. Either way, you’ll have them handy by writing them down.

5. Find Someone to Hold You Accountable

It’s easy to make excuses, skip steps, or go in a different direction when no one’s looking. That’s why it’s crucial to have someone hold you accountable for your 90 day business plans.

This person should know your business, your long-term goals, and understand each part of your 90 day plan. Avoid asking your family members, friends, or others you’re close to. They might not have the courage to hold you fully accountable for your goals.

A business coach is the best person to hold you accountable. Business coaches are independent, objective, and have experience helping people achieve their company’s goals. They serve as mentors, teachers, and guides to help you and your business grow.

Ready to find an Albuquerque 90 day business plan coach?

At Action Coach, we’ll help you formulate realistic and achievable 90 day business plans for your Albuquerque business. We’ll hold you accountable, offer our experience to help guide you, and cheer you on as you achieve your goals.

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