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If you and your Albuquerque team are working remotely, it might seem difficult to be a leader in your workplace. Without the inherent organization of a physical office, how do you set an example, maintain productivity, and support your team effectively? Thankfully, many of these activities can still be done successfully even if you’re working at home. If you need help with any of them, a time management workshop in Albuquerque can provide the skills and knowledge you need to be an excellent leader.

How Do You Set an Example Remotely?

Good leaders should lead by example, and you can do this remotely by showing your team how to effectively manage their time and maintain progress in a remote work environment. Send out regular memos to the whole team to highlight short-term goals and to celebrate any progress that has been made recently. Especially when working from home, it is critical to make sure the whole team can manage their time productively.

How Do You Maintain Productivity?

Maintain firm deadlines and have regular meetings with each member of your team for every project to make sure that everyone is remaining productive. The Harvard Business Review reports that many successful remote managers establish daily meetings with their staff so that the team will always have an agenda for each day.

How Should You Stay In Contact With Your Team?

The best way to have productive communication with your team is to offer multiple means of contact. Maintaining consistent one-on-ones with your employees is more important than ever. Give your team multiple options to connect with you–whether that’s through call, email, text, or a video call. That way, your team will always have methods to reach you. The key is to manage your time effectively so you can give every member of your team the attention they require to succeed.

Time Management Workshop Albuquerque

Small business owners in New Mexico can often feel stressed, especially these days. Let Action Coach show you how to take steps towards a stress-free life in one of our leadership training and time management workshops here in Albuquerque. Contact us today!